The Davidson GOP Makes Statement Regarding the Salvation Army

Recently, the Davidson County Republican Party announced a partnership with our local chapter of the Salvation Army for a food and toy drive for those less fortunate this holiday season. The Davidson GOP Team was excited to assist those in our community, along with your help, to show we care about the citizens in our county. Unfortunately, as reported this week, Leftism has invaded an organization we all have held dear. The International Social Justice Commission of the Salvation Army headquartered in New York and affiliated with the United Nations released a document that propagated ideological positions from the Leftist playbook, positions that are racist and discriminatory.

The Davidson GOP condemns holistically and unequivocally the statements made by the ISJC.

With this being said, we know there may still be some doubt related to the intentions of our local chapter of the Salvation Army. Please consider the following when deciding to support those in need this Christmas Season.

  • First, this document was produced by the International Social Justice Commission of the Salvation Army which is NOT affiliated with any local chapter of this organization. In fact, this organization is based in New York City.
  • Second, our local chapter of the Salvation Army has NOT endorsed any of the contents within this document nor have they endorsed the actions or ideologies of the ISJC.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, we encourage you to not let the actions of a few woke lobbyists and corporate hacks sour your opinion of an organization that we have worked closely with for many years. The administration, volunteers and others that have established our local chapter of the Salvation Army and worked arduously to help those less fortunate in Davidson County need your support to meet the needs of our community.

Again, the Davidson GOP condemns the racist and discriminatory statements made by the International Social Justice Commission and will continue to fight against the tenets of the Left, Liberalism, Democrats and the Woke Mob, and we hope you will fight alongside us; however, do not let those we are fighting drive another wedge between the communities within Davidson County.

The Davidson GOP Team