Davidson GOP Chairman Chris Jessup Interviews US Senatorial Candidate Pat McCrory

(Lexington, NC)--Over the past few weeks, the Davidson GOP and Chairman Christopher Jessup have been sitting down with the declared US Senatorial Candidates to discuss their campaigns, vision and just what makes them the best choice for North Carolina. This week is no exception as Jessup interviewed Senatorial Candidate and former NC Governor Pat McCrory for his inaugural episode of "Chairman Chats" on YouTube. Of course, this episode is linked in this article to view. 

Pat McCrory has a long history of staying active in politics in North Carolina. Beginning in 1989, McCrory ran for an At Large City Councilman in Charlotte, North Carolina. Following his re-election bids in 1991 and 1993, he found that he wanted to take the next step up in his political career and ran for Mayor of Charlotte where he served from 1995-2009. In 2008, McCrory made an unsuccessful gubernatorial run against Bev Perdue. Undeterred, he returned in 2012 with a win and served one term as NC's 74th Governor alongside Dan Forest as his Lt. Governor. Now, he is hoping to be the choice for North Carolinians in the 2022 senatorial race.

In previous interviews about his senatorial campaign, McCrory has stated, “The US Senate is split right down the middle…that puts Vice President Kamala Harris in charge, giving Democrats everything they want to radically change America for generations to come. It’s time to join together and take back the Senate from Kamala Harris. So I’m in." In his interview with the Davidson GOP he reiterated this sentiment while also explaining why he is the best choice of candidate for the job. "I'm sick of watching what is happening is Washington...watching Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi, where they are taking the country. It scares the hell out of me." McCrory also touched on his experience in politics and how that experience has prepared him for fighting for conservative values in NC and Washington. "I realized that alot of the people in Washington don't have that local grassroots experience...that's desperately needed in the senate and house at this time."

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