DCGOP Launches Official Twitter and Instagram Accounts

The Davidson County Republican Party is proud to announce that they are continuing to make excellent progress on Chairman Christopher Jessup’s "First 100 Days" Initiative by debuting their official Twitter and Instagram Accounts. Since beginning their tenure of leadership Jessup and his Vice-Chairman John Spillman have made updating and increasing the DCGOP’s social media reach a top priority.  

“I am excited to see the Davidson County Republican Party taking such tremendous steps to expand our reach on social media. In doing so, the conservatives, common sense message that our party stands for has the capacity to reach a much wider audience.” stated DCGOP Chairman Jessup. 

Also, Vice-Chairman Spillman said, “In today’s political climate, grassroots movements begin and are largely fought using social media campaigns. This is why increasing our party’s online presence is essential to making Davidson County the keystone of victory in North Carolina.”

In addition to the official unveiling of their Twitter and Instagram Accounts, the DCGOP previously announced a new website, updated Facebook Page and new YouTube Channel as part of their "First 100 Days" Initiative. You can access the DCGOP’s Twitter Account @gopdavidson and their Instagram handle is Davidson GOP.