Davidson GOP Chairman's Weekly Update 7/17/23

Dear Concerned Davidson County Republicans,

We hope you had an excellent weekend. Below we have upcoming exciting events (including our 2nd Annual All-American Cookout featuring Congressman Dan Bishop), and the current North Carolina and National News Stories you need to know. Thank you for being an active supporter of the Davidson County Republican Party! Your willingness to stay engaged at the grassroots level is a testament to your commitment to our party and conservatism as a whole. Don't forget to share the graphics and information below on social media to assist us in strengthening our network of conservatives in Davidson County!

Republican Quote of the Week:

Current Events You Should be Watching:

  1. Bidenomics is STILL Failing the Majority of Americans
    • On average, Americans have lost over $2,250 paying increased energy costs since Biden took office. We must stop the war on American energy and unleash the power to produce prosperity!
    • Democrats brought you historic inflation and now they want to make the economy even worse for working families – doubling down on the inflationary spending with his $6.9 trillion budget chock full of waste and higher taxes.  
    • With Americans struggling under higher prices and sharp interest rate increases, they simply can't afford for Biden to “finish the job.”
  2. Governor Roy Cooper is STILL Undermining Parents’ Rights in NC
    • Gov. Cooper Vetoes Parents’ Bill Of Rights, Fairness In Women’s Sports, And Gender Transition Bills
    • Gov. Cooper considers the Parent’s Bill of Rights a “Don’t Say Gay” Bill which lead to his veto. You can read his statement here.
    • Fairness in Women’s Sports Act was vetoed because Gov. Cooper says it is, “...neither fair nor needed.” You can read his statement here.
    • Lastly, Gov. Cooper vetoed the HB 808 An Act to Prohibit Gender Transition Procedures in Minors. Apparently, Gov. Cooper thinks puberty blockers and chemical castration are “approved medical protocols” for minors. You can read his statement here.
  3. Chairman Christopher Jessup’s Monthly Article Published by Davidson Local 
    • Davidson Local published Chairman Jessup’s Article discussing the impact of the Declaration of Independence.
    • “What are you doing to help preserve that precious gift that has been handed to you?”
  4. BONUS: Biden's Secret Service Closes Cocaine Investigation after finding "NOTHING"
    1. US Secret Service ends White House cocaine probe, no video, fingerprints, DNA available
    2. "...no surveillance video footage found..."

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Upcoming Republican Events (Get Involved!)

  1. (7/22-THIS WEEKEND!)-Davidson GOP's 2nd Annual All-American Cookout featuring Dan Bishop - (Details Linked)
  2. (8/3)-Davidson GOP August Meeting featuring Christian Action League of NC's Dr. Mark Creech.

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Davidson County Republican Party