Davidson GOP Chairman's Weekly Update 6/5/23

Dear Concerned Davidson County Republicans,

We hope this message finds you well and motivated to make a difference in our community. Here's your weekly update, featuring some inspirational words, upcoming exciting events, and the current North Carolina news stories you need to know. Thank you for being an active supporter of the Davidson County Republican Party!

Republican Quote of the Week:

Current Events You Should be Watching:

  1. Public education spending is at the highest level in state history: Authorized K-12 budget last school year was $8,434 per student; Even when adjusted for inflation, this is the highest per-pupil funding level ever!
  2. School choice policies are supported by a strong majority of North Carolinians:
    • Nearly 7 in 10 North Carolinians support the Opportunity Scholarship program.
    • Governor Cooper and the Democrats again find themselves completely out of step with North Carolina on this issue
  3. Governor Roy Cooper actually issued a proclamation in support of school choice in 2022:
    • Maybe it was a staff mistake? The proclamation listed myriad reasons why school choice is beneficial for students and education at large.

Upcoming Republican Events for June:

  1. (6/8)-Davidson GOP’s Current Events Roundtable-6PM @ Davidson GOP HQ
  2. (6/13)-Davidson County Republican Men's Club Monthly Meeting-6PM @ Davidson GOP HQ
  3. (6/15)-Davidson GOP Movie Night Featuring What is a Woman?-6PM @ Davidson GOP HQ
  4. (6/20)-Davidson County Republican Women's Club Monthly Meeting-7PM @ Yarborough's Restaurant
  5. (6/29)-Davidson GOP's Ice Cream with the Chairman-6PM @ Davidson GOP HQ

Get Involved Today:

Your active participation is vital to our success. Whether it's volunteering for campaigns or attending local events, there are numerous ways to make a difference. Visit our website or Facebook Page to find out how you can get involved. Together, let's shape the future of Davidson County!