Davidson GOP Chairman Chris Jessup Interviews Clarence Henderson About CRT

(Lexington, NC)--In episode #4 of the Davidson GOP’s YouTube Series Chairman Chats, the Davidson GOP Chairman Christopher Jessup sat down with a member of the 1960 Sit-in at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, Clarence Henderson to discuss the controversial issue of Critical Race Theory. Since the sit-in, Henderson has been hard at work championing the progress made during the Civil Rights Movement and how freedom and conservative values helped elicit a more perfect union for all. 

Henderson focuses on the ideals of conservatism and liberty during his interview about CRT stating, “One of the greatest things about this country is we have individual rights and they’re (Democrats) trying to take away those individual rights...equity instead of equality.” He goes on to say concerning Critical Race Theory, “We have these elitists that sit back in the halls of our higher institutions and come up with these utopian ideas which don’t work...The Civil Rights Movement was the exact opposite of what’s going on right now.” Henderson even weighed in on policy matters relating to education, “Let these public schools know they are not the only game in town,” he stated about school choice options. He also commented on how to persuade local school boards to not support CRT-related curriculums, “Pressure is an amazing thing.”

Clarence also serves those the citizens of North Carolina alongside the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NC. According to its website, “The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a national education and public policy organization with local chapters across the United States which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation.” 

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